rDAI community

DeFi is built on Ethereum

rDAI is a self funded project with no business model. If you think you can help with the project in any way, please get in touch

We have great plans for rToken going forward and we are hoping to bring a sustainable funding model to many organizations in Ethereum.


We have received grants from MetaCartel DAO and many donations through the third wave of GitCoin CLR matching donations

All our funding is used to fund development of Open Source Software, be it this website, the official dApp, and of course the underlying smart contracts.

You can check out our current finances by visiting our Aragon DAO

Core Team

We have been working hard to grow a community around programmable interest. Interested in hacking on our products? Join the community and contribute on GitHub

rDAI has been audited!

Thanks to MetaCartel, we have been able to engage QuantStamp for an audit of our smart contracts.
Check out the Audit Report

rDAI roadmap

  •    Concept and token design   
  •    Contracts on Rinkeby testnet   
  •    rDAI dApp interface v0.5   
  •    Repo published on GitHub   
  •   Contract audit   
  •    rDAI dApp interface v1   
  •   Governance DAO   
  •   Mainnet Launch   
  •   DeFi mass adoption